Using xdg-user-dirs for the gutsy desktop

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko at
Mon Jun 18 14:26:50 BST 2007

> The default set of directory is:
> "DESKTOP=Desktop
> DOWNLOAD=Download
> TEMPLATES=Templates
> DOCUMENTS=Documents
> MUSIC=Music
> PICTURES=Pictures
> VIDEOS=Videos"
> The desktop applications make use of it to know what directory to use.
> Does anyone has concern about the list of directory or does it look ok
> to everybody?

Looks great to me! I have been waiting something to this pop-up for a
long time, since the usual *nix behavior is "stick all to $HOME" and
$HOME gets crowded pretty fast.

How about contacts? In the future (not yet here!) it might be useful
to have common contact format in desktop applications. Various PIMs
use their internal backends. Maybe we could have a standardized user
wide contact sharing hitting the mainstream in few years?

What kind of application support xdg-user-dirs enjoys?


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