at-spi-registryd default settings in gdm

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Wed Aug 29 11:36:22 BST 2007


Thanks for your reply.

>  > Consequently, could anybody please confirm to me that
>>  at-spi-registryd is disabled by default during gdm in Ubuntu (I am
>>  not talking about the gnome session at the moment), even if Assistive
>>  Technology is enabled?
>There is no change over upstream there, if there is an issue it's likely
>coming from the upstream code.

Could you (or anybody else) please check on your Ubuntu gutsy 
installation, if at-spi-registryd is running during the gdm session, 
when Assistive Technology is enabled for gdm (Login Window 
preferences panel) and the Plain theme is used?

If you can confirm that it is not running, I will file a bug against 
gdm in ubuntu and in gnome.



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