at-spi-registryd default settings in gdm

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Wed Aug 29 12:04:43 BST 2007

On Wednesday 29 August 2007 11:36:22 Francesco Fumanti wrote:
> Could you (or anybody else) please check on your Ubuntu gutsy 
> installation, if at-spi-registryd is running during the gdm session, 
> when Assistive Technology is enabled for gdm (Login Window 
> preferences panel) and the Plain theme is used?
> If you can confirm that it is not running, I will file a bug against 
> gdm in ubuntu and in gnome.
> Cheers
> Francesco

I would try it, but my GDM is giving so much trouble (faling to login into a normal gnome session, and falling back to safe-session) that I had to replace it with KDM.
But if you give me a few more detailed steps, I migth see if I have it running.

BUGabundo  :o)
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