which package can find the file wich define menu "System-help-System Documentation" ?

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 30 23:39:20 BST 2006

Am Samstag, den 30.09.2006, 09:35 +0800 schrieb 张召伟:
> Hi, I now work to custom ubuntu for some company to use, I normal ubuntu
> edgy, there is a menu 'systemp-help" , them menu "system-help" has 5
> submenus , "System Documentation", "Online Documentation", "Community
> Support","Commercial Support","Ubuntu Book Excerpt", I want to remove
> some submenus from of the menu "system- help" , But I can't find which
> file in which packages defines menu "system-help" and it's submenu!
> I find the /usr/share/applications/yelp.desktop defines the menu
> "system-help" , but the menu only call yelp to display help info , so
> yelp.desktop isn't the file which defines "sysmte-help" and it's submenu.
> how can I delete some menu items of system-help and it sub menu?
> Best Regards!
> walker

It's provided by a patch to gnome-panel: 



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