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Aaron Whitehouse lists at
Sun Sep 24 13:53:12 BST 2006

Hello all,

I have been using Ubuntu since Hoary, so I am used to the general way
that Ubuntu works. I was quite confused, however, when I installed Edgy
(Knot 3) and reached the Grub menu.

For those that haven't yet upgraded, the entries in the Grub menu are:

After some thought on the matter, I decided that the top one was likely
for me because it had been in every previous Ubuntu and there is usually
a rescue mode in position two.

The reason that I was confused is that I use Ubuntu as a desktop OS and
am the only user for my machine. My first interpretation of "Single
User" was that it was optimised for installations like mine; one user
using Ubuntu as a desktop. I have since found out that it is the
"Rescue" or "Safe" mode.

I understand that there are reasons that "Single User" is used, but I
personally would like to change the name to "Rescue Mode" to avoid
other, less technical, people making the same misinterpretation that I
fell prey to. This will especially affect desktop users (which is why I
posted to this list) because they will be the ones that think the second
option best describes their situation.

What are the thoughts of list-members?

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