Logout icon

Manu Cornet lmanul at ubuntu.com
Thu May 18 12:11:12 BST 2006

Hi !

I agree that the current top-right icon is not very clear. I'm still
not sure of what it is supposed to be : some kind of power switch ? In
this case, it should either be a simple switch (no need to print the
symbol on it -- the one from GNOME upstream looked nice I think), or
just the symbol (without the switch).

Actually, I would suggest to replace this icon with the current
"logout" icon from the logout dialog (the green circle from which an
arrow exits). A few reasons for this suggestion :

* It is green, and I think most countries have their "Exit" signs in
green, so this top-right icon would be clear as "Here's the exit,

* The symbol is extremely simple. You are here, the arrow takes you
away from here.

* The arrow points to the right. This is perfect for the top-right
icon : it will point towards the outside of the screen. This matches
the "reading sense" in most countries : in a comic book, you'll very
often see characters going out of the scene by going right, not left.
Maybe we need to reverse this for right-to-left locales ?


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