Ubuntu vs Kubuntu

Matt Hlavsa mhlavsa at gmail.com
Fri May 5 01:40:55 BST 2006

Hey all,

My name is Matt, I've been a sole windows user ever since I've used a
computer (This sounds like an AA intro), and recently have put on Ubuntu
after I realized that there are legitimate Windows alternatives, and that
they are not complete DOS command line OS's.

I like Ubuntu a lot, and am picking up on it fairly quickly. I'm going to
reformat my computer in a few weeks, and plan on setting up my partitions so
that linux can read/write, and was thinking about trying Kubuntu instead of
Ubuntu.  I've head a lot of people recommending Kubuntu because they say the
display is nicer, yet on sites like Distrowatch, Ubuntu leads.

I wanted to ask you guys what the real difference was between the two.  If
any would like to let me know, just feel free to e-mail me back here at
MHlavsa at gmail.com.  Also, if there are any articles you'd rather refer me to
instead that would be fine too.

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