Add to panel dialog : icons size

Manu Cornet lmanul at
Fri May 5 16:56:10 BST 2006

Hi !

The size of icons in the "Add to panel" dialog have changed during
Dapper development, shrinking from 44 pixels wide (not a "standard"
size) to 32 pixels wide (not a standard size either).

Here you will find a few screenshots of the same dialog, with different
icon sizes :

* The problem with 32px icons is that they're scaled down from 48px ones

* Bigger icons look very nice and don't occupy more space horizontally,
but they do force the user to do more vertical scrolling.

* 24px and 48px look nice and sharp (the theme actually ships those
icons), but I find that 24px is really too small and others might think
48px is too large.

What do you guys think is the best compromise ?


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