Shipping fspot instead of gthumb

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Mon Jul 17 17:29:10 BST 2006

On 7/17/06, Lionel Dricot <zeploum at> wrote:
> > I'm not sure what advantages gthumb has over f-spot besides the mono thing.
> Well, to make it clear : for me gthumb and eog are like Totem. F-spot
> is like Rhythmbox. Both are for different use cases.


Gthumb and f-spot occupy the same space in terms of what they do. They
are photo organizers. Whether or not we want to remove eog as well is
another debate. Gthumb is also effectively dead and has actually never
been part of the GNOME desktop, it is only traditional to ship it
becuase it does fit that need.


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