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Viper550 gthompson at
Wed Jul 12 03:19:21 BST 2006

Edir wrote:
> Looks great, i had saw the videos in Novell website. But to use this 
> in Ubuntu, i think we will need to make some change in Gnome panels to 
> work like Windows, one workbar and we eliminate top panel. Well, i 
> wouldn't like to see Linux using the same style of menu as Windows, i 
> think linux could create other ways to use the desktop, better ways. 
> But as i sad, this looks great, i didn't tried yet, but to me works 
> fine to Ubuntu.
> An ask! Where is the menu "Places"? The menu Places in Gnome works 
> fine to me, is a good way to access my partitions, alias and servers.
> 2006/7/11, Viper550 < gthompson at <mailto:gthompson at>>:
>     If you remember me from ubuntu-art, let's get to the
>     good part:
>     I just know one thing: It was MADE to be in Ubuntu (okay, so it wasn't
>     actually made originally for Ubuntu...that's just an expression).
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Or, why don't we just replace the Status section with Places? That would 
be even better!


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