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Alain Perry alain.perry at
Tue Jan 3 08:30:21 GMT 2006

I'm really gonna flood this list...
Here's yet another version of the gtk patch, that takes into account
the existence of the gtkfilechooserbutton...

> Now, the gtk patch may be updated too, depending on the answers to the
> following question:
> - Is there anyone who understands why my Nautilus patch makes the
> pathbar use the correct icon ("gnome-fs-documents", I made one to see
> if my code works) and why the pathbar in gtk filechooser doesn't use
> it ?
What's funny with this is that when using the testfilechooser app in
the build-tree of the package, it indeed uses the correct icon. I
really am not getting this...

Well, anyway, here it is, without the localization patch which hasn't changed.

Alain Perry
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