Logout dialog

Manu Cornet lmanul at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 15 14:19:22 GMT 2006

Hi !

People seem to like the logout dialog (the one you get by clicking, in
dapper, on the top-right panel applet), and I had some good feedback
about it.

Very recently, the "screen fading" was restored.

Moreover, some seem to suggest that we add the "Lock screen" button into
this dialog. My concern is that 6 buttons is already a lot of choice...
But let's discuss this possibility. It could allow me to reorganize the
buttons layout, like this for example :

    [Log Out]    [Lock Screen]  [Switch User]
[Sleep]   [Hibernate]    [Restart]     [Shut Down]

That's 4 against 3, but seems more logical to me than the current one
(where "Restart" is at the top, with logout and switch).

What do you guys think about the current dialog ? About adding lock
screen to it ? About my layout suggestion ?


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