Logout dialog

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 15 15:58:14 GMT 2006

Manu Cornet wrote:
> What do you guys think about the current dialog ? About adding lock
> screen to it ? About my layout suggestion ?
OK, so I'm among those who think 6 options is already too many :) I do 
like your nice icons (though there are perhaps too many different and 
large icons to fit in with the Ubuntu theme).

When the user selects 'Shut down' he/she does not expect to be able to 
simply lock the screen or switch user IMO.  Let's look at them in turn 
(keep in mind the user clicked the menu text 'shut down'):

 * Sleep, Hibernate - The user might decide, OK I don't want to shut 
down completely, just leave the machine nearly off for a while. Close 

 * Restart - I guess this would be used most often by those who 
dual-boot. It still isn't shutting down, but I guess it's related.

 * Switch user, Lock screen - This does not make sense. Neither of these 
can be interpreted as 'shutting down'.

 * Logging out - How common is this on a laptop or home machine? I guess 
some families have multiple accounts, and on public machines (schools, 
etc.) it might be the only available option. It's still not 'shutting 
down' though.

So in my view. Shut down, Sleep, Hibernate and possibly Restart could go 
on the 'shut down' screen, while Switch user, Log out and Lock screen 
should go elsewhere, much as it is configured now. The second menu 
option might be a new name though. 'Switch user' shouldn't even be 
available on systems with just one user defined.

- Henrik

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