Restoring the Help Icon in gnome-panel

Petr Tomeš ptomes at
Tue Feb 14 12:49:34 GMT 2006

On 2/14/06, Dana Olson <dana at> wrote:
> On 2/14/06, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at> wrote:
> > I suggest adding a separate "Help" menu, to contain the Help and About
> > items. Then it would be very obvious where the help was, and you
> > wouldn't need to come up with a new icon for it.
> I think that would be okay, but only if I have the option to remove
> just that help menu.
> I find that the three items there already take up way too much of my
> panel space. I'd like to be able to shorten the names, or replace them
> with only icons for each three things..
In that case I would prefer rather icon on panel to seperate Help menu
(no serious operating system including major linux distributions and
KDE/GNOME environment has 4 items-menu on panel by default). Removing
icon for those who needn't it is more natural, easier and much less
time-consuming than thinking about removing menu item.

Petr Tomeš,
Ubuntu CZ -

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