Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Sat Feb 11 23:23:39 GMT 2006

Corey Burger wrote:
> I would also support this, but I think it should wait until Dapper+1.
> The major issue behind shipping Inkscape is that of space. It looks
> like Inkscape + libraries runs to about 9mb, not a small amount.
I would actually advocate removing Gimp from the default install in 
Dapper+1. It's a highly technical app. I use it myself, but people who 
need it can install it.

What most people want to do is crop and resize images before emailing 
them (which would make sense to have the email client take care of -- 
you are about to send a 2MB file; would you like to resize it?)

KolourPaint has just the right amount of functionality IMO and F-Spot 
just needs resize (unless I've missed it).

- Henrik

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