Inkscape (was: Restoring the xsane menu item)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sat Feb 11 10:24:02 GMT 2006

Matthew East wrote:
> I agree, this definitely needs to be restored. No one is going to think
> of accessing GIMP to scan stuff.
> The graphics menu is rather bare anyway :)

By the way, is it too early (or late...) to promote Inkscape to be
installed by default? There was a bug in gnome-app-install that
prevented it from appearing even there, but additionally I am interested
if it could be the choice to "strenghten" the default application
selection to vector graphics (SVG), especially as the graphics menu is
rather empty currently. And inkscape is already in main.

Despite the version number, Inkscape is both stable and feature-rich,
and a worthy OSS competitor to CorelDraw, Illustrator etc. I'd guess
most of SVG clip art has been made with
Inkscape, though I could be wrong.


Other things, that are post-dapper:
- Audio or video tools would also be welcome (doesn't Mac OS X and/or
Windows have bundled movie editing?) if nice enough tools appear.
- Integrating Open Clipart to a nicely browseable (from OOo and other
places) collection of clipart. This is a huge package and might be
somehow offered as an easy download (perhaps even when selecting some
"clip art" option in OOo insted of gnome-app-install).
- Regarding Sample Content specification and the previous point, OOo
templates would be very much needed too for ordinary users.



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