gnome-app-install, update-manager sources?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Fri Feb 10 23:04:25 GMT 2006


I have a couple of issues with the mentioned applications...

1. A code repository is either non-existent or very hard to find, and at
least it's not linked to from Launchpad. I was finally pointed at, which apparently has the latest
gnome-app-install and update-manager.
2. It's confusing that those are "available" in GNOME CVS, but are
outdated. Are the applications going to go back to at some
3. Takes some digging who is actually developing what currently (Michael
Vogt, Ross Burton, Michiel Sikkies or someone else). Still we (the
translators) would need to easily find the correct upstream to send
translations to for "true" integration, as Rosetta translations don't
get anywhere automatically. Eg. no translations done for Breezy have
gotten into those applications.

Okay, so mainly, it'd be nice to have clearly marked, up-to-date
information in Launchpad where the Real repository is  :) Currently eg. points to GNOME CVS,
while eg. correctly
points to the repository at

Also the gnome-app-install product page isn't seemingly linked with in any
way, which is more like a Launchpad issue. It's starting to be hard to
find stuff in Launchpad sometimes...


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