Next Desktop Bugs Tasks!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Tue Apr 18 20:04:23 BST 2006

Hello everybody,

after a smashing week of getting nautilus bugs triaged, we definitely
covered quite a lot of ground. Thanks for your work on that.

With the Hug Days and and the various Desktop tasks we brought Ubuntu
Dapper to a state, where it JUST ROCKs. To improve things we should
focus on and 

Those lists contain the bugs marked with Milestone 6.06. Some of them
might be implemented easily, so banging your heads on these is the best
thing you can do as a Desktop Lover.

For every fixed bug of these your favourite Desktop team member will
blog about an embarrassing secret. How does that sound? :-p

Apart from that, I'd like to turn your attention to
      * - there are various
        small packages with little amount of bugs - it'd be nice if we
        could tick them all off and make sure we looked at all of them
        before release. It sounds like much, but together we will make
      * - we will add small
        tasks over here and if you can think of something we should not
        forget for the release, point it out here.

Let's get all our forces together and make the Desktop rock even harder!

Have a nice day,

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