Logout dialog : strings

Alain Perry alain.perry at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 08:44:00 BST 2006

> The "_if_ the computer wakes again" seems a little, mischievous.
> Perhaps "when the computer wakes again".

Well, although I do agree with this, I think it has to be hinted that
the computer may not wake correctly, and, as such, that the user
should really save his documents. This may unfortunately be the
shortest way to do it.
Last time I tried, waking my computer from hibernation would leave the
screen totally black, and so a soft reboot (using ctrl-alt-del) would
be needed. Although I did not yet have time to investigate and try to
solve the problem/file a bug, it is anyway what happened with a
default install, so I really think it should be hinted that this is a
hazardous operation on some hardware.
But hey, the logout dialog problems have been discussed so much, and
although Manuel is doing an amazing work (with a angelic patience)
trying to please everybody, I don't want to make it worse, so I won't

P.S.: Sorry, Adam, for the private answer at first...

Alain Perry

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