Suggestion: disable moving gnome-panel using left mouse button.

Josué Alcalde González josuealcalde at
Sat Apr 8 02:30:12 BST 2006

Something which is disturbing me since months are the way panels are
moved in gnome.

I am moving my panel a lot of times by error, because sometimes, I click
in a launcher and the panel is dragged with my mouse (with the mouse
button released). I think sometimes the mouse button is locked while the
application is opening.

I don't know if someone is having similar problems, and I don't really
know if this is a bug, but it is a real problem. When the panel is full,
and I move it to left or right I had to delete some applets to find
empty space and return it to its position.

There should be an option to lock panels, but it can't be done for
dapper. What I suggest is disable moving the panel using left mouse
It could be move only like applets, using the context menu or the middle

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