(Yet another) new logout dialog

Brad Johnson brad at bkjohnson.com
Sat Apr 1 15:11:37 BST 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 21:53 +0200, Manu Cornet wrote:
> Hi !
> Here's a new version of the dialog :
> 	http://www.manucornet.net/ubuntu/dev/dialog.png
> 	http://www.manucornet.net/ubuntu/dev/logout.png
> 	http://www.manucornet.net/ubuntu/dev/hibernate.png
> Many people found that the dialog was too large ; therefore, I stacked
> the help messages next to the "Cancel" button and reduced the spacing a
> bit. This also solves a few layout problems (expanding window). Comments
> welcome.

It still seems bulky to me. The horizontal divider doesn't do much to
break up the two distinct option categories. Please excuse my cheap Gimp
tricks but how about something like this?


IMO the two line text window in the middle breaks up the dialog and
takes away alot of the bulk. It also separates "session options" from
"system options".

> About the choice of designing a dialog with 6 or 7 options, I'm not the
> one who decides about this (I'm just trying to make a good layout with
> nice icons and text), but I do think it's a logical choice.

I don't know if the number of options really matters if all of the
options don't seem grouped together.
> * I believe the main purpose for this multi-option dialog is to let
> users have this main "top-right applet" flow to let them perform all
> "exit" action.
> * "Log out" as the name of the menu entry is definitely misleading, and
> we're trying to find the best wording to replace it (suggestions
> welcome !).

"Exit" should do, IMHO.
> * The dialog indeed has many options. I agree that some of those should
> be activated automatically (eg when a laptop lid is closed), but those
> automatic behaviors are not yet working as they should, and meanwhile we
> probably need the options in a dialog.
> Cheers,
> Manu

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