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Sat Oct 15 10:01:58 CDT 2005

<quote who="Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum)">

> Let's talk a bit about Drapper.

Dapper. :-)

> I suggest to consider switching the default browser from Firefox to
> Epiphany.


> - No chance. We must ship Firefox (for whatever reason) so forget this for
> now.

That's pretty much where it stands. There is far more user demand, globally,
for Firefox, and in many cases it provides a more familiar experience than
Epiphany (to users already familiar with Firefox and browsers on alternative
platforms). Epiphany is great, but is not sufficiently compelling to push
Firefox out of people's minds -> we'll get far more requests for Firefox to
be the default than we have for Epiphany.

So, for now, we won't be shipping Epiphany as the default browser.

That said, as Epiphany improves, and if the Mozilla Foundation's trademark
restrictions become any more onerous, we may just do it. But it would be a
major decision that would end up at the Technical Board, and probably be
passed up to sabdfl.

- Jeff

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