Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) zeploum at
Sat Oct 15 09:51:58 CDT 2005

Hi all,

Breezy is around here for only a few hours and everyone is saying
"Drapper Drapper Drapper".


Well,... me too ...

But thanks everyone for the wonderful breezy release. It works "comme
un charme" (as we say in french).

Let's talk a bit about Drapper. I suggest to consider switching the
default browser from Firefox to Epiphany.
Epiphany is, IMHO, really well integrated in the desktop and is more
convenient for new users, used to Internet Explorer or not used at all
to anything. Firefox would be also shipped as Thunderbird and it would
be easy to switch.

I started a wiki page about this a while ago :

This topic can very easily become a never ending debat. So, what is
your opinion :

- No chance. We must ship Firefox (for whatever reason) so forget this for now.
- Indeed, we can talk about this.

I don't ask for argument. Just to know if it is useful to investigate
this topic more.

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