Daniel Holbach dh at mailempfang.de
Mon May 23 16:39:11 CDT 2005

Hey everybody,

Am Montag, den 23.05.2005, 23:31 +0200 schrieb Sebastien Bacher:
> >  * Come up with a high-level goals list
> Right, we "just" need somebody for this ... Daniel? :)

I skimmed through our meeting and found these goals of importance:
     1. Always make sure to have the TOP 10 gnomefiles.org, to a) get
        the developers feedback, b) make us even more "bleeding egde",
     2. involve people in bug triaging, with integrating them in
        existing / yet-to-come "bug squad" structures and pull them into
        the team,
     3. create a group of experts, who are able to handle "user
        questions" and work with the doc team on appropriate
     4. have a constant process of "desktop evolution" going, improving
        the Ubuntu desktop experience 
     5. get in touch with the gnome-love project, start a list of easy
        fixes, get our own idea pool
     6. Mark UDU goals as "DesktopTeam owns them!"

Yet to be discussed:
     1. Where do we send people, who want to get involved or who will
        want a point of contact?

Sorry for being so brief and no... this is not supposed to be an
announcement mail...

Bye, have a nice day,

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