A new logout dialog (v3)

Jon Gurrutxaga jon.grx at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 17:12:52 GMT 2005

I've been reading this thread and I have some ideas for the mentioned
1. I'm not sure if traffic lights are the same all over the world, but I
think their color hierarchy could be applied to the icons in this case:  the
"sleep" icon in green colour, the "hibernate" icon in orange colour and the
"shut down" one in red colour. I suggest this change because the hibernate
option causes a "heavier" response of the system than the sleep one.
Furthermore, this way the blue color could be used for the "log out" icon
better than the green one.
2. I'd prefer (if possible) to use a window without titlebar (just a thin
border, like mentioned before in the thread). We could have a "Log off" (or
whatever) item in the menu to call this window and forget about the title,
using separators and headers to group the options.
3. Thinking on how the options are related (and on left to right priority)
this could be a possible layout:
_____Shut down options_____________________
Shut down     Restart
_____Power save options____________________
Sleep     Hibernate
_____Session management options____________
Log Out     Switch user     Save session (may be not a good idea, but could
feet here)

But I suggest this layout as my favorite one:
_____Power save options______________________________________
Shut down     Restart     Sleep     Hibernate
_____Session management options______________________________________
Log Out     Switch user     Save session (may be not a good idea, but could
feet here)

Best wishes for the 2006,
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