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Alain Perry alain.perry at
Thu Dec 22 14:50:17 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I just discovered the first Ubuntu Desktop News issue, and was willing to
know if one of the tasks was still to be done.
Having been a long time Debian user before switching to Ubuntu, I have had a
few occasions to try myself at packaging, either for creating packages for
new versions of a piece of software I wanted to install cleanly, or for
programs that were not in the Debian archive. Nothing used by a lot more
than me and some friends though.
I've also already used gtk+ for some light programming tasks, nothing
expert, but I still think I could make deal with the task offered.
Please tell me which of the tasks remains to be done, if any, and which is
more important, and I'll answer with a result.
Of course, if you have advices to provides as well, I'd listen to them with

Alain Perry
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