Desktop Team Meeting Minutes

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Dec 19 18:34:56 GMT 2005

Hello everybody,

these are the meeting minutes of December 16th Desktop meeting.

Participants of the meeting were Sébastien Bacher, Christian Bjälevik,
Sebastian Dröge, Sivan Greenberg, Jerome Gotangco, Stephan Hermann,
Daniel Holbach, Raphaël Pinson, Jonathan Riddell, Vincent Untz, Michael
Vogt, Travis Watkins.

We all agreed on being happy about the Ubuntu Desktop News. Thanks
Vincent Untz.

Next point on the agenda was the dbus transition. We agreed that we want
to have 0.60 in soon (*notify* wants it) and looking at the list of
rdepends, we decided it should be easy to do it. After some local tests,
we will just go for it and do a mass upload. We will send a word of
warning before.

After that we discussed how to proceed with bug days. We need more
involvement from the community, because since Dapper 2 the bug stats
climbed not quite exponentially but alarmingly fast. We decided to have
bug days at least every two weeks, to have separate lists of Desktop-,
Kubuntu, MOTU-bugs and maybe to split up the bug days to have parts of
them in all the respective team channels. As a team, we need to make an
effort to pull people of all sorts together and show them that it's
definitely worthwhile to help in the Bug Squad, that it's easy to get
started. We discussed several motivation factors and will try to do a
"Bug Day Summary" next time. Maybe Bugzilla statistics at a later stage.

We then discussed general workflow in the Desktop Team and that it needs
more documentation, so everybody feels "up to scratch", after having
read that. We additionally agreed on taking more discussion to our new
mailing list.

Jonathan Riddell asked for the state of gstreamer 0.10. Sébastien
answered, that we will ship gstreamer0.10 with Dapper and hopefully not
with 0.8 since upstream already dropped primary support for it. GNOME is
already or will soon fully support 0.10, KDE will work on patches for
amarok, maybe kaffeine too.

We didn't agree on a next meetings time, but as soon as we have some
more items on we should
go for it.

Have a nice day and everybody who joined the meeting.

Have a nice day,
 The Desktop Team

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