A new logout dialog (v3)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Sat Dec 17 11:14:13 GMT 2005

Le samedi 17 décembre 2005 à 02:10 +0100, Manu Cornet a écrit :
> Hi !
> Here's a third version of the new logout dialog design.
> 	http://www.manucornet.net/GNOME/logout_dialog/

hi Manu,

Good job thanks. Is the current code on your page?

Two notes:
- We said we will start by having the dialog modal (ie: no possibility
to switch to other windows while it's open)
- Is the title useful? Jeff pointed to the type or window with a thin
border all around, is that possible to use this hint for the dialog?


Sebastien Bacher 

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