A new logout dialog (v3)

Manu Cornet manu.cornet at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 01:10:04 GMT 2005

Hi !

Here's a third version of the new logout dialog design.


Changes :

* The fadeout effect was ditched, at least for the moment. This window
is a plain dialog that doesn't grab *all* mouse and desktop events like
before. You can bring other windows to the front (or switch virtual
desktop). This is close to what OS X does, by the way (although this is
not why the decision was made). A nice side effect is that tooltips
don't have any rendering problem any more.

* I added accelerators for the 6 buttons.

* I put a little more space in there (horizontally), and moved the
"Exit" into the window title.

Comments welcome :)


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