Gnome default themes

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Dec 13 14:47:13 GMT 2005

Hello Lists,

I'd like to suggest that we put at least one high visibility theme in 
with the default Gnome set of themes so that it is installed with all 
systems. If we go for just one, then I think it should be one that is 
useful for the largest number of people, so one with large print. The 
large print may be too big for some users, but it will at least allow 
them to use the system long enough to install a larger theme selection 
and tweak settings.

I'm also CCing in the accessibility list, and I would specifically like 
to get some feedback from those with knowledge of low-vision issues. If 
we have to pick one of those themes, which one is better for more 
people: 'high contrast' or 'high contrast inverse'?

One reason this is especially important now is that we are looking at 
options for creating an accessible Live CD and Ubuntu Express install 
path (using a boot parameter). If one of the default themes were 
accessible, then we could run a low-vision session right from first 
boot, without having to put an extra 4MB (or whatever it is) of themes 
on the CD. See:

I'd also like to push this change up into the Gnome 2.14 upstream if 
possible. Some of the current default themes are looking rather dated 
IMHO (Crux, Ocean Dream, etc.). Are these kept around for backwards 
compatibility reasons? There is a range of slick themes on 
that would be good alternatives.

- Henrik

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