A new logout dialog (v2)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Sat Dec 10 14:04:14 GMT 2005

Le samedi 10 décembre 2005 à 01:44 +0100, Manu Cornet a écrit :

> * I have added a "Switch User button" (it does nothing for the moment,
> as I don't know what to do else than a dirty 
> " system ('gdmflexiserver'); ".

We can discuss that later. Let's try to land the layout changes to start
so we can have comments on the dialog, then we can focus on
implementations details for the new features by example.

> * I have rearranged the buttons a little :
> 	Reboot		Log Out		Switch User
> 	Shut Down	Sleep		Hibernate
> I might invert the first and second line in the next spin (thoughts ?).

I don't have strong opinion on this. Maybe trying what Jeff suggested,
the corners are quite for usual actions and Hibernate is probably not at
the right place with your suggestion :)

> * I have cleared everything else out of the way, except the Cancel
> button. No more "Save" checkbox (global setting instead), no more title
> or "info" icon, nor Help button (everything is explained in the
> tooltips, the text of which are on the webpage, comments welcome).

That's nice, the dialog doesn't look too crowded this way. I'm not sure
if we should use some borders to the dialog or something, it looks a bit
weird this way with just icons on the middle of the screen.

> * I still didn't figure out how to take a screenshot of this, and didn't
> have the time to take a real picture, sorry. But you saw the main idea
> in the first version.

I'm attaching a screenshot to the mail. I've used gdmflexiserver
--xnest. If you use dapper xnest has some issues at the moment but you
can install this deb:

> * I have slightly modified the Shut Down icon. Maybe the hibernate icon
> should change a bit as well (I'd like to keep its color, though). Any
> thoughts ?

The new "Switch User" icon rock :) The other are nice as well. Sleep and
hibernate are quite the same action for an user, if nobody comes with a
better suggestion we can keep it this way.

> * There's a small app called "logout-test" inside the gnome-session
> source, but I can only test the dialog's appearance with it, not the
> real stuff after clicking on buttons (doesn't do anything). "make
> install" didn't replace my "old" session dialog by the new one either
> (even after logging out and relaunching X). Anybody can give me some
> guidance on how to really test this ?

I'm not sure about the make install. A "sudo cp ..." complains about the
file beeing used. "sudo cp -f gnome-session /usr/bin" works fine here,
I've started a gdmflexiserver --xnest and the other user has the new
dialog (you need to copy the icons to /usr/share/pixmaps too to get


Sebastien Bacher

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