making the panel launcher opening the preferred apps by default?

Sebastien Estienne sebastien.estienne at
Sat Dec 3 00:09:57 GMT 2005


This may be a little Off Topic (but still related to this part of the panel).

I think that it's really hard to have good default for the launcher,
except for the browser that everyone use, the mailer (evolution) is
more questionable because of webmails, and the help button, i suspect
that it's the first thing people remove to get the space.

I thought that the launcher should dynamicaly display the N most used
applications (N would be configurable)

I guess the use of the launcher is to quickly access the apps that we
used the most. And the applications menu should be the place for other

That way the launcher would automatically adapt itself to the user habits.

I don't know the technicals problem behind implementing this. But i
think that having some statistics about which applications are the
most used would also benefit the contents on the "applications" menu
for upcoming ubuntu release

What are your opinions about this dynamic launcher?

Btw it would also solve the the "feature request" of this thread,
because if the user use epiphany instead of firefox, the epiphany icon
will kick the firefox away of the launcher

Sebastien Estienne

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