making the panel launcher opening the preferred apps by default?

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Fri Dec 2 23:09:33 GMT 2005

<quote who="Matthew East">

> I'm not sure there is a lot of difference in the purpose: I started off
> thinking that there was a difference between having a "firefox" icon on
> the panel and a "browser" icon on the panel, but I decided that actually,
> the user won't make a distinction: once (s)he has decided to change
> browser, the fact that the developers see the icon on the panel as
> "firefox" rather than "browser" is not gonna justify the fact that (s)he
> has to waste (admittedly not much) time removed and readding the correct
> launcher.


a) that means some icons will change function, fairly unexpectedly because
other icons *won't* change function

b) we don't have the infrastructure to do this properly for each function
(trust me, this has been a massive topic of discussion around ISV issues at
the OSDL DTL event)

c) we don't have the infrastructure to make the changed state obvious in the
user interface, contributing to (a)

Making the effect and purpose obvious is tightly related in this case, and
we can't do it properly.

- Jeff

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