Call for turkish translators

Brendan Jocson brendan at
Thu Oct 14 15:56:42 BST 2010

Pls do not remove the english translations! :) We need more english 
translator as well... ;D

This post Lighten up my day.

On 10/14/10 5:50 PM, Savvas Radevic wrote:
> On 13 October 2010 06:49, Mario Spinthiras <spinthiras.mario at
> <mailto:spinthiras.mario at>> wrote:
>     I have been talking about Turkish translations for a long time and I
>     insist they happen. I am talking to some friends in Cyprus that can
>     translate into Turkish for us to make the relevant arrangements.
> Thank you!! Just let me know if anyone is interested on a more permanent
> basis so I can forward some important announcements to them before I
> send them to the list/forum.
> 2010/10/12 ziogas panos <zioscx at <mailto:zioscx at>>
>     Δε θέλουμε να έχουμε καμία σχέση με τους τουρκους.
>     αν είστε φιλοι τους πες τε μου να βγω απο τη κοινωτητα σας.
> "we" - Please do not use the plural form, unless you mean someone else
> from this mailing list -- in the latter, at least mention the names of
> other people.
> As we're not alone in the universe, we (Greek-speaking people) are not
> alone on the island. I'm sorry about the political state of the island,
> but the constitution is clear on the official languages
> <>
> -- we just added the English language to cover the percentage of foreign
> residents too
> <>
> and make it easier for everyone to track our updates and announcements. :)
> This domain has to do with events and technological updates, not
> political beliefs. The fact that I ask for a turkish translation does
> not express mine or anyone's political position (which I will never
> mention to the mailing list nor to the forum). I would be happy to see
> more members to join our little community, regardless of nationality,
> and see them express their opinions on the technological aspects.
> P.S. I would like to kindly remind you the rules regarding the mailing
> list:

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