Local Cypriot Linux mirrors?

Mario Spinthiras spinthiras.mario at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 10:27:26 GMT 2008

Look , your thinking about it all wrong.

When you say UCY should host one , all that comes to mind is too many
bearucrats. It's like filling in a form and waiting six months for a big no
when your applying for a resident another country or something.

When I say ISPs I.. think Geeks. They are the only people that might
actually say , sure I have an extra machine on the rack for just that!

Ive worked for a few ISPs in Cyprus and they are like that most of the time.
I won't mention which ones , Ill just say I think ive worked for a few of
the interesting ones.

I will actually look into this , contact a few people , maybe they would
help us out...

Mario A. Spinthiras
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