Local Cypriot Linux mirrors?

Savvas vicedar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 10:23:15 GMT 2008

Just trust me on this one, if you know ISPs or anyone that works
inside, and they have some extra bandwidth they could put in a good
use, why not? :)
Ask them what would they ask in return to sponsor a mirror for Ubuntu,
Debian, Fedora, Centos, Gentoo and Arch? (At least the release

If one says "No", well no problem - if only one of them agrees to
share (besides CYTA), the others will follow. It increases popularity
in an indirect way for both Linux and the ISP company! ;) (Regardless
of the linux distributions they choose to mirror)

It's good for them as it is for Linux popularity which would probably
arise curiosity to the ISP staff, their administrators and support
groups will get intrigued by just hosting the releases.
And not only that, but they gain in a way too: to brag about how good
they actually are, mirrors prove the good speeds ISP companies
advertise (it's not weird that some of them have gaming servers).

The University of Cyprus should host one too.. :)

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