Community team weeks 9-10 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Mar 11 18:27:12 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Here's what the Canonical Community team with the help from others have
been up to in the last two weeks.

## Week 9+10

- Patch pilot shift [1].
- Worked with Canonical IS to unblock the wiki and docs team edit access
- Discovered hardware problem with Fairphone port, working on replacements
- Talked with various members of the Chinese LoCo team about the team
- Post Scopes Showdown coordination. Judging has started.

Developer site
- Continued discussions with Didier Roche on how to make a snappy developer
hero tour happen. Implement necessary changes [2] for a hero tour demo:
allow to specify a template during the import, allow to specify if the
imported articles are advertised in the navigation. Test import and hero
tour demo with David Callé and Didier.
- Finalization of the Hero tour template
- Fixes for the markdown importer, to land after next deployment: make sure
rewrite URLs actually exist and make sense (don’t include “None” in parts
of the URL).
- Unblocked deployments on the devportal staging server.
- Wrote and tested migration notes for our next big deployment.

- Largely updated Snappy/Snapcraft docs on developer.u.c to 16.04.
- Created and announced [4] a survey for the Snappy 16.04 experience.

Core Apps
- New Telegram uploaded to the store, fixing a reconnection issue and
adding autocomplete and image preview capability. Also with support for
quoted-replying to messages and sending stickers
- New Clock uploaded to store, featuring UI refresh
- New DocViewer uploaded to the store, featuring an updated LibreOfficeKit
upstream build and a couple of minor bug fixes
- Performance improvements landed in Calendar trunk, more to come, and will
land in store soon.
- Work began on migrating Dekko from the existing Trojita backend to QMF
(Qt Messaging Framework) with the goal of landing this before OTA-10
- Preparations began for landing Dekko, UNav and possibly Calendar in the
default phone image for OTA-10
- On-going work to tweak the QA/CI workflow for the core applications. In
short, we’re cleaning up our testsuites, removing hard to maintain tests,
and moving acceptance test runs (autopilot) to after merges have landed.


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