Future of Ubuntu Discourse?

Seth Johnson sethj0438 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 05:27:42 UTC 2016

First off I really have no idea how mailing lists work, so I apologise if
this isn't the best way to reply to this, but since I wasn't subscribed to
the list when the original conversation happened I'm not sure how else to
do it.

I've posted a bit of a writeup on why I will miss ubuntu discourse if it
goes away  (and why I think it is a better discussion platform than
reddit) on the discourse thread about its future here:

a brief summary:
I don't like reddit because of its harassment/safety issues and poor
UI/thread management. Discourse has none of these issues as well as many
more useful features. However If people want to use reddit for discussions
and announcements than that is what people are going to use. Probably even
if discourse is fixed up. But I think, if given some proper care (the
design is a mess e.g.) and a little more advertisement (currently afaik it
is only linked in the top bar) it has real potential to become an awesome
discussion platform, even better than reddit.

>From what I've heard Marco created a UOS session for Ubuntu discourse, so
maybe its final fate will be discussed there, I don't know. But I will
definitely be sad to see it go if indeed that is its fate.


*Seth Johnson*
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