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Fri Feb 19 15:32:14 UTC 2016

So it was brought to my attention by bapoumba that a lot of our [recent
wiki spam][1] has been created by a user that does not have a Launchpad
account. It seems that as long as there is a valid SSO login, the existence
of the LP account doesn't matter. The other thing that is interesting to
note is that there is sometimes long gaps between posts on the wiki by this

That suggests to me that it is unlikely that the entire spamming process is
automatic. Which means that enforcing 2FA for SSO logins isn't going to
help any more than some sort of CAPTCHA system. Moderating new Launchpad
accounts isn't going to be helpful as we have no way of really verifying
the validity of any new user.

We really have one logical solution to solve the issue of spam, REGARDLESS
of which wiki system we use: limiting the Editors group. I think the way
that [Bug Control][2] handles this is sensible, in that it requires you to
say what you would do to specific instances in order to have your
application approved.


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