what colour is Orange exactly?

Alan Bell alanbell at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 20 08:30:27 UTC 2016

On 20/04/16 06:44, Jamie Young wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I work on the Client team
what is that then? What does client mean in this context - thing that 
connects to a server or person who pays for services?
> and have been part of the change that's seen the hex colour for Ubuntu 
> Orange change from DD4814 to E95420.
> We are in the process of writing a post (or maybe even series of 
> posts) about the thinking behind the colour change. It will, I hope 
> pre-answer a lot of the questions that have appeared above.
well it might post-answer some of them.
> I'd ask for a little more time for us to get this post polished off 
> and to make sure it answers as many of the questions and worries that 
> have appeared over the last few months as this change has slowly been 
> implemented across all of our digital properties.
um, sure, it isn't so much worries, I certainly have no preference for 
one colour over the other. I am not really seeking a glossy extensive 
post, just something definitive that describes the scope of the intended 
change - for example the colour of the CoF logo still is an open 
question I believe.
> Thanks for all your comments and questions, it's been great to see 
> such a response and we will endeavour to make sure that everyone is 
> happy (or at least aware) of the changes and why we thought they were 
> important to make.
> Cheers
> Jamie

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