Suggestion: Will cooke for Weekly [41\'15] Ubuntu Community Q&A

Yrjö Selänne yselnne at
Mon Oct 5 07:44:47 UTC 2015

Hi there, Aloha all ..
I was watching the community Q&A  which is on a stickie on r/Ubuntu at moment ...
And Mhall119 suggested I should leave this here ..
The reference I gave at the start was for a comment left at the top by /user/21balloonswhich accosted the subject of getting Will Cooke on the Ubuntu Q&A Weekly hangout.

I think this was "question 8" in the stickie on reddit for " Weekly [40/'15] Community Q&A "

Anyway, it would be knowledgeable to learn who is scheduled for the 3pm UTC #ubuntuonair, this Tuesday,coming ?
Thanks for the great hangout ... looking forward to learning hoe @popey's Lenovo mouse went on this week,as he bought it in the last fortnight.
It doesn't seem like that long off ( the Q&A).
Once again thank-you for doing the show.
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