Community Council Statement: Jonathan Riddell

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Sat May 30 21:48:20 UTC 2015

On Fri, 29 May 2015 11:06:06 -0700
Benjamin Kerensa <bkerensa at> wrote:

> The only party that has made a pre-condition is the Ubuntu CC the KC
> has actually as a body not made any pre-conditions.

Yes. The KC "as a body" did not state a pre-condition. *Members* of the
KC, as individuals, on the other hand...

* Are you discussing dialectics, or are you really interested in
  resolving this issue? This is not a court of law. Please keep this
  type of comment there, not here.

* Do *you*, as a member of the Kubuntu team, want to help? If so,
  please help. Otherwise *not* commenting anymore would be more
  effective in lowering the heat.

I do not care who, or what, has a pre-condition. It is time for them
to get over it, and start talking.

And, with that, time to lurk again.


ab alio expectes alteri quod feceris
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