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Fri May 29 13:07:32 UTC 2015

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On Fri, 29 May 2015, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
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(If) individuals /choose/ to come to a particular viewpoint then
collectively we should work to enable this without the discomfort of
arm bending.

A link to a third-party article can hopefully be /purely informative/
by providing something for _all_ to read, digest and contemplate.
…Highlighting any particular sentence on its own without context is
likely to remove any balance of the original---balance, that may
ultimately aid all-round reflection and equal dialogue.

Waiting for requested information is likely to be beneficial as it
contributes to understanding (even if not agreement).  If
information is not already available then preparation does take time.

Reading the emails that Scott Kitterman published we can see that
Kubuntu Council members have already asked the Ubuntu Community
Council to "please specify in what way Jonathan has violated the Code
of Conduct or Leadership CoC?"[1] and "please send the CC meeting
minute authorising it to the kubuntu-devel mailing list along with
concrete examples of breaches of CoC and Leadership CoC."[1]  Would it
make sense to wait for additional factual information?


[1] Kitterman, Scott (26 May 2015) (reproduced email correspondance)
"Information Exchange Between the Ubuntu Community Council and the
Kubuntu Council"
(No dates are given for the two reproduced emails quoted.  Each is
probably from sometime prior to the publication date of 26 May 2015).
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