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> On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 02:54:09PM +0100, Paul Sladen wrote:
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> > On Thu, 21 May 2015, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
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> > Jonathan: Please provide a link/citation (*with the exact words), or
> > leave such assertions out of discussion.
> Don't play games Paul, you know full well since we've discussed this on
> the elite Quaker geek channel.
> The Ubuntu Community Council have told me to step down from Kubuntu
> leadership.  It's an astonishing and unprecedented move.  It was done
> without consultation, without references, without any breach of CoC or
> leadership CoC.  A council which is enrolled to help the Ubuntu
> community now wants to kill off the most successfull part of it and
> the most successful community product just because they don't like me
> asking some questions.

> The good news is I've never claimed to be a leader of anything so this
> attempt to silence me will have no effect.  I'll try to keep Kubuntu
> alive but I can't promise.

I feel it would be naive to think someone is trying to silence you or could
even have the ability to do that: there are multiple public channels where
you can raise issues and express your opinion freely, which to the best of
my knowledge no one has asked you at any point to stop using, not even the
CC when they communicated their decision.

I have not been involved in the private interactions you've had with the
CC, some of which Scott Kittermann just disclosed. But I've seen the e-mail
exchanges on public mailing lists and IRC, and being honest, I can
understand how some of your behaviour can wear down people who are acting
in good faith and committing their spare time to improve Ubuntu, with
flavours being part of it.

Just for the sake of example, taking one of the recent claims from this

"Kubuntu was turned down from having some pizzas for a developer
meeting in February.  It took a couple of months to get this notice
and we were never given an explanation."

Daniel already replied with the reference to the previous lengthy
discussion about this topic on ubuntu-devel. This claim is a clear
misrepresentation of the facts that just puzzles me. I wouldn't expect it
from a community member, but even less from a leader in the community. You
mention you are not a leader, but by own merits and outstanding work in
Kubuntu and KDE I think it's safe to say you are. Someone who other
community members look up to.

I personally expect a leader to be prepared to bring up and discuss
difficult questions, which is something that you do admirably and should
continue doing. But I also expect a leader to be balanced and not regularly
antagonize other community members who are participating in the discussion.
I realize it is frustrating at times, but that should not be an excuse to
not keep the conversation respectful or hint that others are not acting
with honest intentions.

>From what I can tell this is not a decision that the CC have taken lightly.
No one wants to experience the distress such an outcome brings to all
parties, but it's a decision they have taken after the experience of
several years of difficult interactions and one they have deemed necessary
for the health of the project.

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