donation to flavours in 2012

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue May 26 09:02:06 UTC 2015

On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 03:13:23PM +0200, David Planella wrote:
>    I acknowledge the fact that the level of transparency we have nowadays
>    didn't exist for the initial donations period you are asking, but that is
>    the very reason why two years ago the donations program was created to
>    correct that situation (that and to provide a channel for community
>    members to request funds). Back then we did not have the mechanisms in
>    place to manage and track allocations to the same level of detail as we do
>    today.

Thanks for this admission.  It's pretty crazy that Canonical set up a
donations mechanism with categories but didn't have the ability to
track those categories or work with the relevant teams.  But if
accounting competance is honestly the issue then I accept that as an
apology.  I did hope that having got an understanding of the problem
we could go back to being friends and working on Ubuntu but it seems
the Community Council has other ideas :(

>    In the particular case of Kubuntu, if I recall it correctly, we have never
>    declined a request, and donations have served Kubuntu in the same way as
>    any other community project.

Kubuntu was turned down from having some pizzas for a developer
meeting in February.  It took a couple of months to get this notice
and we were never given an explanation.


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