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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu May 14 18:18:55 UTC 2015


On 14.05.2015 16:03, Felix Lange wrote:
> May I, as a all-day Kubuntu User, interfere?
> The issue at its core seems to be - as far as i understood - that
> Canonical collected Money for flavors of Ubuntu, with the collecting
> as a own Idea of them, but newer really payed that Money to Kubuntu,
> right?

The idea was never to "collect money for flavours" and "pay money to
flavours". It wasn't announced as that and it was never presented to the
users of the site as that.

Trying to implement it like that would also lead to loads of problems.
It would be super unfair no matter how hard you try. Will lines of code
be a factor? Will it be hours of work? Will just programmers get money?
How about others who contributed?

The way it is implemented right now is much easier to understand: with
people making donations there is now a pot of money with which real
costs can be paid: not only the community fund which puts us in a
position where we can now go to conferences and get our flights paid or
our conferences hosted, but also pay real costs like the maintenance of
the build infrastructure, or paying engineers in IS who look after
Launchpad and other servers, etc.

It's always easy to assume that this is all just paid for and taken for

At the end of the day with the addition of the donations programme we
now have funds we didn't have before and almost all the requests which
came in have been approved. To me this is positive no matter how I look
at it.

Have a great day,

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