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Nathan Haines nhaines at
Thu May 14 12:11:03 UTC 2015

On 05/14/2015 04:29 AM, Jonathan Riddell wrote:

> Kubuntu never saw any of this money.  Did anyone from other flavours
> see any better support beyond what was already established?  Ubuntu
> Gnome was added in the 13.04 release but I doubt that added any
> significant costs to what was already allocated.

How many funding requests did Kubuntu make, and how many were rejected?

> Despite being on the final donation goes to Canonical and
> decisions on this community fund are taken by Canonical's community
> team which has said it otherwise isn't involved with Ubuntu community
> teams outwith the ones Canonical is interested in.  Does anyone agree
> this seems a mismatched setup?

No, not at all.  Canonical is collecting the money and paying the taxes 
and administering the funds.  This is a pretty ubiquitous arrangement in 
projects that have an incorporated entity, and not out of the ordinary.

> I had always assumed this community fund included the money collected
> for "better support of flavours" from oct 2012 to june 2013, but
> recently Michael commented that it didn't. On further queries he has
> confirmed that money was simply held by Canonical for existing use and
> not for "better support of flavours".  This seems very serious to me,
> if you collect money for a use that you then don't use it for that is
> quite a breach of trust with our users.  I'd welcome any suggestions
> on what to do about it.

A more serious breach of trust is to spend the money on other things 

> Unfortunately the Ubuntu Community Council who should be tasked with
> dealing with this sort of problem

Why would the Ubuntu Community Council deal with money they neither 
collect nor administer?

> would rather I let it drop, should
> I?

If the substance of the complaint is that you didn't receive money you 
didn't ask for, then probably.

If you haven't discussed the issue with Canonical and don't plan to, 

Both without prejudice, should circumstances change, of course.

Nathan Haines
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