Community team weeks 49+50 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Dec 11 17:18:57 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical
together with some other community members have been working on in the last
two weeks:

As a bonus, as I got reminded the previous update wasn't send, you get the
full month update ;)

## Week 49+50

- Review of Snappy App Developer Manual, put together a plan to integrate
it into official docs, discussed it with the team. Started work on
integrating the docs into snappy and snapcraft upstream and into the
developer site.
- Finalised Snappy+Snapcraft training materials. Being reviewed now. Q&A
with the team happening on 21st Dec.
- Snappy Clinic about snapcraft releases 0.5 and 0.6.
- Fixed a number of issues in click-reviewers-tools.

General community
- UbuCon Summit preparations:
  - Preliminary schedule
  - Registrations are open
  - Speakers
  - Promotion plan

Developer Site
- Deployment to staging and testing of and improvements for the Django and
Django CMS update of the site.
- Work on various fixes for the site.
- Rework of the markdown importer for snappy documentation is almost

## Week 47+48

General Community
- Recruited mentors for Google CodeIn (more needed)
- Crowd-sourced some additional tasks for CodeIn (more needed)
- Organise contact for UnixStickers to enable them to sell Ubuntu branded
- Scopes Showdown preparation
- Community Council election.
- David Callé attended Ubucon Paris as staff

Developer site
- Landed new oem snaps plugins
- Working on Django upgrade, now deployed on staging and working. Needs a
database import and further testing now.
- New version of the thumbnailer tutorial (QML)
- Work on breaking up, improving and generalising the markdown importer.
- Work with Django CMS upstream on fixing the importer issues.

Core Apps
- Pushed new Music app with UI Toolkit 1.3 support to QA for testing which
was approved and uploaded to the store
- Identified bug in Toolkit affecting headerless apps (Clock / Calculator /
Weather), worked around for now, but needs fixing properly in the toolkit.
- Further testing UI Toolkit 1.3 and many other updates to the DocViewer.
Almost ready for release. Targetting middle of Week 49 for store upload.
- Resolved issues with Jenkins being incorrectly configured for autolanding
for some core apps
- Resolve a few minor bugs in Notes, identified by QA team
- Minor clock update submitted to QA which changes alarm preview audio
playback to line up with coming Qt 5.5 platform update
- Updated Calendar in the store which improves performance and adds
optional week view

- Creation of Training materials for Snappy + Snapcraft.
- Planning of next Snappy Clinic.
- Various docs fixes.
- Review of App Developer Manual, planning of reintegrating it into the
official docs, work is underway.

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