[U-co] Montaje Automatico USB Virtualbox en Windows XP

Nicolas Muñoz nianmual en gmail.com
Mar Ene 20 03:40:12 GMT 2009

La manera que comenta el compañero carlos alejandro me parece apropiada, y
yo lo he probado, cree el filtro para una wireles-usb al conectar el
dispositivo es reconocido limpiamente por la maquina virtual.

Vi esto en el manual de VirtualBox [1]
puede que le sirva

   In the Settings dialog, you can first configure whether USB is available
in the guest
at all, and in addition also optionally enable the USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller
for the
guest. If so, you can determine in detail which devices are available. For
this, you
must create so-called "filters" by specifying certain properties of the USB
   Clicking on the "+" button to the right of the "USB Device Filters"
window creates a
new filter. You can give the filter a name (for referencing it later) and
specify the filter
criteria. The more criteria you specify, the more precisely devices will be
selected. For
instance, if you specify only a vendor ID of 046d, all devices produced by

will be available to the guest. If you fill in all fields, on the other
hand, the filter will
only apply to a particular device model from a particular vendor, and not
even to other
devices of the same type with a different revision and serial number.
   In detail, the following criteria are available:

    1. Vendor and product ID. With USB, each vendor of USB products carries
       identification number that is unique world-wide, the "vendor ID".
Similarly, each
       line of products is assigned a "product ID" number. Both numbers are
       written in hexadecimal (that is, they are composed of the numbers 0-9
and the
       letters A-F), and a colon separates the vendor from the product ID.
For example,
       046d:c016 stands for Logitech as a vendor, and the "M-UV69a Optical
       Mouse" product.
       Alternatively, you can also specify "Manufacturer" and "Product" by
       To list all the USB devices that are connected to your host machine
with their
       respective vendor and product IDs, you can use the following command
       chapter 8, VBoxManage reference, page 93):
       VBoxManage list usbhost
       On Windows, you can also see all USB devices that are attached to
your system
       in the Device Manager. On Linux, you can use the lsusb command.
    2. Serial number. While vendor and product ID are already quite specific
to iden-
       tify USB devices, if you have two identical devices of the same brand
and product
       line, you will also need their serial numbers to filter them out
    3. Remote. This setting specifies whether the device will be local only,
or remote
       only (over VRDP), or either.
   On a Windows host, you will need to unplug and reconnect a USB device to
use it
after creating a filter for it.
   As an example, you could create a new USB filter and specify a vendor ID
of 046d
(Logitech, Inc), a manufacturer index of 1, and "not remote". Then any USB
on the host system produced by Logitech, Inc with a manufacturer index of 1
will be
visible to the guest system.
   Several filters can select a single device – for example, a filter which
selects all
Logitech devices, and one which selects a particular webcam.
   You can deactivate filters without deleting them by clicking in the
checkbox next to
the filter name.

[1 ]http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/2.1.0/UserManual.pdf<http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/2.1.0/UserManual.pdf>

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 4:34 PM, hely suarez <helysm en gmail.com> wrote:

> Gracias por las sugerencias, pero resulta es que la idea es que se haga de
> manera automaticao sin que el usuario lo vea ya que es en un cafe y la idea
> es de que se haga de manera transparente para el usuario.
> Atentamente,
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Nicolás Muñoz.
With Free Software you have Freedom! :D
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