[ Ubuntu-cm ] greetings

alain ahanda alain.ahanda at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 12:29:18 BST 2009

 Hello,It`s a pleasure for me having contact with u today.My name is
 Alain Ahanda,I`am a new student in Linux friends computer training
 centre.I`ve been studying for two weeks now.As far as the centre is
 concerned,let`s say that our class coordinator,Ms Chanceline is trying
 to do her best to make us being aware with the computer bases.As a
 matter of fact,she `s divided the class in three different group:one
 group in charge of contact with the people of outside,the other group
 is responsible of the quiz while the last one is in charge of
 update.People are very excited with their assignment.All right I hope
 we`ll continue sharing our daily activities.See u soon.
 From Alain,in Mokindi,Limbe.

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